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From Artists to Activists, Coaches to Creatives, Healers, and 1:1 Service Providers, I am deeply inspired by you all. Shout out to all the countless solidarity siblings, I see you too. Your talents and game plan to heal, transform, enable, and support others through your passion ignites my desire to be of service to each of you.

When I decided to hire myself as my boss, it wasn't just for my freedom. It was for everyone else's too! I envisioned a thriving QT+BIPOC community that brought together social entrepreneurs who understood a decolonized approach to leadership and business growth was only possible through accessible community empowerment. We must remove gatekeeping for progressive impact to take place. And as you guessed, my love, that is why I am here!

SoulCult... Business Cultivation for the Conscious Community provides clear pathways to sustainable professional success and community impact via startup coaching. Holistically empowering contemplative leaders and social entrepreneurs who want affordable access to effective business and life strategies.

Why Join This Cult... Movement

Besides your mutual appreciation for my love of dark humor and puns, you also get that the focus is genuinely on leading the cultivation of personal and professional growth. My approach to business growth centers heavily on who you are - not forcing you into a cookie-cutter mold that was never designed for the (queer or conscious) entrepreneur whose sights are set on a radically transformed and healed world. 

Which means we are bringing both culture and cultivation to this biz equation. Okkkuurrr!

To sweeten the Kool-Aid just a tiny bit more...

Right now, when you join the community, you can take advantage of the early bird pricing of only $44 for The SoulLed Leader Series!

The SoulLed Leader Series is exactly what you've been waiting for! Accessible and straightforward steps to starting and growing your business.

This action-based series will save you so much time, money, and frustration by providing a clear pathway for you to take every week for a YEAR to move forward in your business.

No more overwhelm and confusion, just pure boss moves loaded with purpose and intention.

How you feel when you're in your zone of genius is how I feel when I'm supporting YOU.

This is why I do what I do.

I'm a natural cheerleader who loves to see others shine. I know how hard it can be when you feel overwhelmed by growing your business and hustling to juggle everything else.

Let me use my 13+ years of experience to help you keep your crown straight and equip you with the tools you need to confidently lead personally and professionally!

"...'round here we measure success by how many people [are] successful next to you. Here we say you broke if everybody broke except for you..."


Check out the SoulCult... Salon

This socially distanced yet fiercely warm virtual community is the perfect place to grow and collaborate together during our most turbulent times.

SoulCult... Salon (think "mastermind" just decolonized) provides a safer container for sustainable professional success and community impact via startup and leadership coaching. Holistically empowering Contemplative Leaders, Creators, and Social Entrepreneurs who want that Real-Real

I'm talking Relevant. Effective. Affirming. Legitimate and affordable (ok!) access to effective business and life strategies.

This social entrepreneur think-tank powered by soul-led biz owners is YOUR queer corner of empowerment!

The SoulCult... Salon offers an exclusive experience and opportunity for:

  • An all-in-one spot to receive/participate in live laser coaching twice a month- bring your current challenges!
  • Access to exclusive pieces of training, workshops, and mini-courses included in your membership. 
  • Collaborative space to share ideas, compare notes and get real-time feedback from peers
  • A brave container to discuss challenges and celebrate ALL the wins no matter the size, with peers who SEE YOU. HEAR YOU. UNDERSTAND YOU.
  • A true "mastermind" group environment, just ya know socially conscious and decolonized.

Join the community for free and get your monthly membership to the 

SoulCult... Salon for just $35.99.

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